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I'm bored, and there's a meme.

Comment, and I'll tell you if my characters think you're hot.

...And tell me who you want me to comment on, or I'll forget them. I win that way.

I'm what?

Ultimate Yaoi-level selector!

The one in Complete ControlYou are 200% Seme.
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Congratulations! You are the one in complete control. You are a seme (unless you have strange desires and decide to try something new). You manage to get what you have your eyes on most of the time, or all the time for that matter. You have a way of making people do what you want and belong completely to you! You like a challenge now and then and prefer ukes that play hard to get. But in the end, what is meant to be yours... will be yours. Just don't let your growing ambitions consume you.

Most compatible with: Any thing you want. Seme or uke, they are yours for grabs.
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Why I Play Neji How I Do.

I keep meaning to write one of these for Neji in particular, with long character analysis and examples from canon, and explanations of events that have taken place at camp and how those have affected him.

I am, however, far too lazy for that.

Then I realized that, camp relationships aside, there's really three major factors to how I play Neji.

So I give you, the short version.Collapse )
<td align="center"> screwfate --

Extremely dominant

'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at QuizUniverse.com</td>
*falls loudly in the shower when the hot water runs out*