Hyuuga Neji (screwfate) wrote,
Hyuuga Neji


Here is how it works. Today is October 22nd. I am posting a relationship meme. The catch is, you have to comment to it asking about a relationship we don't have yet. Either the characters haven't threaded or they've threaded like once.

On November 22nd I will reply to the meme. That means we have a month to try and actually create that relationship. THIS POST IS LIKE MY VOW THAT I WILL THREAD WITH YOU, SOMEHOW, IN THE NEXT MONTH, MORE THAN ONCE. Obviously sometimes characters don't click and that's cool! We can move on! But the attempt will be made, and then a month from today you'll have a relationship meme response waiting for you.

I play:

Neji a (more or less) reformed jerkass ninja.
Ino a well-meaning but sometimes shallow girly ninja.
Fuuko a tomboy ninja.

I have no pattern.

Also, I'm trying to get my activity level up, which makes this just about the perfect meme for me. :(
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